B.10. Smiley Button Hidden Camera DVR

B.10. Smiley Button Hidden Camera


Smiley Button Hidden Camera DVR

MINI CLIP ON SMILEY FACE BUTTON SPY HIDDEN CAMERA WITH BUILT IN DVR - Smile your on camera, the Smiley face camera is awesome; it records in 720 x 480 resolution and can easily be clipped on to clothing, backpacks, and purse straps. It's covert and very small design allows this camera to be used practically anywhere.

It comes with a suction cup gooseneck mount for different mounting applications. The smiley face camera comes with 16GB of memory that will hold 10 hours of video footage.


    • 720 x 480 video resolution

    • 1280 x 960 photo resolution

    • battery life about 2 hours

    • charging time 2-3 hours

    • works with Windows and Mac OS

    • 16GB memory.


    • Smiley Face Camera

    • USB cable

    • suction cup mount

    • User manual.

Smiley Button Hidden Camera …

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