B3. Car Key Hidden Camera

Car Key Hidden Camera

with built-in DVR and Audio


It looks just like a remote car key, but it’s really a hidden camera with Audio and a built-in mini DVR. No drivers or outside power source are needed. it will charge by being plugged into your computer with the provided USB cord.

It hold 8 gigs of information files, that you can view practically on any media software that supports AVI files. That’s over 3 hours of recorded material before you need to delete or download. Then you just view it on your computer.

Package Includes:

    • Car Key DVR

    • USB cord- for recharging and data transfer

    • User manual

    • Gift box


    • Video format: AVI

    • Video resolution: 640 x 480

    • Camera resolution: 1280 X 960

    • Battery: 280 mAh 3.7 volts

    • FPS (Frames per second): 29

    • Dimensions: 2” X 1-1/4” X ⅜”

Car Key Hidden Camera


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