A.7. Professional RF Bug Kit

A.7. Professional RF Bug Kit.png

Professional RF Bug Kit

“Play Secret Agent Man!”

Manufacturer Specs

    • Product Description: Professional Grade Audio Bug

    • Transmission Range: 300 Meters

    • Transmitter Has Antenna: YES - flexible wire type


    • Power IN (for recharging)

    • ON / OFF switch

    • Antenna


    • ON / OFF switch

    • LED activity light

    • 3.5mm earphone jack (for Listening)

    • 3.5mm line OUT (for Recording)

    • Volume rotary dial

    • Power IN (for recharging)

    • Antenna connector

Transmitting/Receiving Frequency: 815Mhz

Power Source: Internal li-ion battery (5V)

Typical Battery Life: 2-4 Hours

Manufacturer Ref: P6Y78JR5423N


    • Transmitter- 50mm x 28mm x 15mm (L x W x D)

    • Receiver- 62mm x 79mm x 14mm (L x W x D)

    • Manufacturer Ref: P6Y78JR5423N

Product Notes

    • Audio bug can easily be taped, or fixed under tables, chairs, desks or furniture.

    • Receiver has a 3.5mm line OUT jack for recording audio to DVR or similar audio recorder

    • Robust Construction - suitable for years of use.

Professional Grade RF Audio Bug

with 300M Wireless Transmission

Item #CVSD-607-2GEN

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