C8. Stun Knuckles Stun Gun

Stun Knuckles

“Quick-Draw” Personal Protection

KNUCKLE BLASTER is a 950,000 volt stun gun designed to give you a punch with power. Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them and give you time to get away. Longer contact will cause further disorientation and after some seconds may drop them to their knees.

    • Uses 2 Lithium batteries (included).

    • Comes with a free nylon belt holster ($15.00 value)

    • Designed to allow quick access and deployment of this

amazing stun weapon. This patented device has a soft

rubber skin and is sized to accommodate all hand sizes.

    • A safety switch is built in and accessible to your thumb.

Once you grab the Knuckle Blaster stun gun you can flip

off the safety and fire with the same hand. No need to use

two hands.

    • One year warranty.

Item# ZAPBK 950

ONLY $69.95 !

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From The Spy Gadgets ‘R’ Us Team