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HD Dual-Camera Car DVR

Item# CVZU-C197... only $199 !

HD Dual-Camera Car DVR

HD Dual-Camera Car DVR features a GPS Logger, G-Sensor, Night Vision, HDMI Output and up to 4x Zoom making this your true guardian angel of the road.

This HD Dual-Camera Car DVR is known as the "Napravljat", meaning ‘guide’ or’ to give direction’ in Russian does exactly that as this 2.7 inch dual camera shows action from front and back of the DVR. With 1080p video resolution it displays crystal quality videos that can be used in case of an accident. The GPS logger functionality uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of the vehicle to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. A 4x zoom creates images on the sensor or film, which is up to 4 times larger than when the lens is at its wide-angle (unzoomed) position.

Save all the recorded videos on an SD Card of up to 32GB for later viewing on the 2.7 inch screen or on your TV via the HDMI port. A built-in battery is included for you to detach the car DVR from your windshield and playback its video directly on the 2.7 inch LCD screen. The night vision allows the capability of this car digital video recorder to be used during the night and with 8 LEDs it will identify any obstacle or person in its vision, also Motion detection recording is another additional function.

Amazing video quality, easy to use and highly convenient, this HD car DVR "Napravljat" with a 2.7 LCD display is ready to ride shotgun.

At a Glance…

    • HD Dual-Camera Car DVR

    • GPS Logger

    • Night Vision

    • 4x Zoom

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Video Resolution: 1920x720p, 1280x400p (Dual Lens) / 1440x1080p, 1280x720p, 720x480p (Single Lens)

    • Video Format: H.264

    • Image Resolution: 5MP, 3MP (Native), 1.3M

    • Image Format: JPEG

    • GPS Logger

    • G Sensor

    • Timestamp

    • Recording Cycle

    • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    • Microphone

    • Power Source: Battery Built-in or Car Charger

    • Battery Size: 3.7V / 600mAh


    • Display Size: 2.7 Inch

    • Non Touchscreen


    • Image Sensor: 3.0MP CMOS WXGA HD

    • Viewing Angle: 120 Degrees

    • Digital Zoom: 4x

Night Vision

    • LED Light: 8 White LEDs


    • Micros SD Card Slot up to 32GB


    • 2.5mm Port (For GPS)

    • Micro SD Card Slot

    • Micro USB

    • HDMI


    • Main product size: 107x70x12mm (L x W x D)

    • Main product weight: 109g

    • Weight/dimension is for the main item of this boxed product, to help you compare product sizes.

Package Contents

    • Car DVR

    • USB Cable (Product Specific)

    • Car Charger (Product Specific)

    • Bracket (Product Specific)

    • User Manual (Product Specific)

    • HDMI Cable (Product Specific)

    • GPS Module (Product Specific)

    • CD-ROM with User Manual (Product Specific)

HD Dual-Camera Car DVR

Item# CVZU-C197... only $199 !

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