A.5. The Pool Protector


Is your pool child safe?

We don’t need to remind you of the drowning statistics in any area during warmer days...We’re aware of the danger…

But they are not! O.K., What can we do?...For the most part, we have to try to make them more aware by talking and explaining to them about the dangers of pools and ponds at as young an age as possible.

Second, we must install some security measures around the pool such as child-proof latches on all gates and access points and maintaining them often.

And what else can we do? Well, there’s the pool protector.alarm. This alarm clamps to the side of your pool at the water level. The moment a child or pet makes a splash, the pool protector alarm senses it and triggers the alarm to go off both at the pool and it’s remote!..............................If we could prevent even just one drowning, wouldn’t it be worth it?

POOL PROTECTOR Only...$159.00

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From The Spy Gadgets R Us Team