C2. Pen-Lite Stun Gun

C.2. Pen-lite Stun Gun

“Put a Bolt of Lightning in Your Pocket!”

The STUN MASTER 1.2 Mil. Volt RECHARGEABLE PEN-STUN GUN with FLASHLIGHT is like carrying a lightning bolt in your pocket! It’s compact and sleek design make this stun gun extremely portable and easy to use. The sound of this mini stick is enough to stop an attacker in his tracks!

The Safety Cap & Switch prevents accidental discharge. You must remove the cap, turn the switch to on and press the trigger button.

The Powerful LED Flashlight provides light when needed and can be used with safety cap on.

    • Built-in Rechargeable Battery eliminates the need to buy batteries.

    • Integrated charger included.

    • Includes FREE Nylon Holster with Belt Loop.

Spy Pen Stun Gun

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