D7. Wireless Home/Office Security Alarm

Wireless Control Home

And Office Alarm System

Protect your home or office with this wireless control remote dialing home or office alarm system. Versatile programming allows you to program up to 4 four alarm zones (garage, back door, bedroom, etc.). For added protection you can program up to 6 different telephone numbers, the system will automatically dial in when the alarm is set off and it includes a telephone wire for easy network connection to your telephone land line or home or office computer. Full control of the alarm system can be gained by calling the phone line that the alarm system is hooked up to. The alarm horn is housed in the keypad to minimize setup difficulties.

Manufacturer Specifications

    • Main Function: Wireless Home And Office Alarm System

    • Guard Zones: 4 Independently Arm/ Disarm

    • Alarm Time: 1~20 Minutes in 1 Minute Increments

    • Telephone Control:

  1. - Arm

  2. - Disarm

  3. - Alarm With Sound

  4. - Alarm No Sound

  5. - Start Siren

  6. - Stop Siren

  7. - Microphone On

  8. - Microphone Off

  9. - Individual Zone Settings

  10. - Exit

    • Up to 90 seconds Arming Time (to let you get clear)

    • Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz Band

    • Power Source: Included Power Adapter

    • Control Panel Dimensions: 149 x 140 x 45 (L x W x D)

    • Manufacturer Ref: T04USENF3K8P

Product Notes

    • 6 Telephone Number Distress Dialing

    • 10 Second Distress Message Recording

    • Network, home or office computer connectivity

    • Panic Button on Remote

    • Connects directly to landline

    • Built in Microphone (so you can hear what's going on at your house when you're not home!)

    • Batteries in the sensor will last for about 3 months before needing to be replaced. The large one uses a 9V battery while the smaller one uses a 12V alkaline battery.

Package Contents

    • Model CVDLM-EST200 Wireless Control Home And Office Alarm System

    • Manual - English

    • Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

    • 2 x 4 Button Wireless Remote

    • Power Adapter

    • Control Keypad with Internal Alarm Horn

    • Telephone Cord

    • 2 x Sticker

    • Motion Sensor Mounting Bracket

    • Dual Entry Contact

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