A.22. Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder

Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder

Item #CVJP-B46 ONLY $89.95!

Featuring one-button recording for phone calls and conversations, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder is the easiest to use and most convenient digital audio recorder available. With plenty of features, 8GB built-in memory, and micro SD card slot to expand the memory even more, record everything!

Stylish and compact, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder easily fits in your pocket to offer one-touch recording when you want it. Record on the fly as a instant voice recorder, leave it in an empty room and set up voice activated recording, or even schedule recordings for a future date. Direct playback of the recordings is even made available through the built-in loudspeaker. With plenty of features and options, why buy a standalone digital voice recorder when this device offers so much more? But wait...

This Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder also has the ability to record mobile phone calls! Simply connect it to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and keep a record of every call that comes in/goes out. Just imagine the uses: Your client calls and wants to negotiate a new contract with you, record the call to make sure you remember all the details! Or your wife calls with a shopping list for tonight's special dinner, record the call so you don't forget anything!

There are so many possibilities with this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder that you'll be sure to love it for years to come.

At a Glance...

    • Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones

    • 8GB built-in memory

    • Micro SD card extension

    • 4 different quality recording modes

    • Colorful OLED display screen

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR)

    • Buttons: Recording, Playback, Menu Selection

    • Built-in High Power Loudspeaker

    • Bluetooth

    • Functions: Answering calls, Recording conversation to memory,

Redialing last number, External recording, External USB

    • Recording Modes: Long Play, Short Play, Ultra-high Quality,

    • Battery Size: 380mAh

    • Usage Time: 17 hours


    • Display Size: 1 Inch LED new non-touch screen display


    • Internal: 8GB Micro SD card up to 8GB

Media Formats:

    • Recorded Format: MP3

    • Audio: MP3, WMA


    • Micro SD Card Slot

Package Contents

    • Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones (8GB)

    • Telephone Recorder Adapter

    • Microphone

    • Earphone

    • 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable

    • RJ11 Male to Male Cable

    • USB Cable

    • Power Adapter

    • User Manual

Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder

Item #CVJP-B46 ONLY $89.95!

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