C5. HI-TEK-78 Rechargeable Stun Gun

HI-TEK-78 Rechargeable Stun Gun

Fight Back with the force of LIGHTNING!

Using the latest in ‘HI-Tek’ technology, the HI-TEK-78 is our most powerful stun gun yet. With 6.7 million volts, this little powerhouse will turn any assailant into a whimpering, slobbering victim! To top that off, it’s still no bigger than a normal sized cell phone!

Backed by a 6 year warranty, this stun gun is also an LED flashlight and it’s rechargeable so you never need to buy batteries.

To finish this package and make it an even sweeter deal, it comes with a neoprene-velcro holster!

The HI-TEK-78

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From The Spy Gadgets R Us Team