A.14. Lens Finder - 'Bug' Detector

Lens Finder ‘Bug Detector’

“Find Them ALL, No Problem!”

Lens Finder-Bug Detector

The Wired-Wireless Camera Multifunctional Detector ...combines the latest laser frequency visual detection methods, as well as detecting the wide band radio frequency (RF) of wireless video and/or audio transmitters (bugs), in an easy to use hidden bug detector.

To operate the Wired or Wireless Camera Multifunctional Detector visual detection feature, simply look through the specially focused viewing port, and any camera lenses within a 10 foot range will appear to flash red, giving away their location. For wireless detection, just slide the control switch to the RF mode and wave it around the room and any objects like you were dusting them.


• Detects all hidden wired and wireless cameras

and concealed wireless microphones

• 4 LEDs signal strength indication

• Dual strength indication: Sound and Vibrate/LED

• Sensitivity tuner for Distance adjustment

• Switchable Sound/Silent detection

• Comes with lens cleaning cloth


• Laser Frequency Visual Detection

• RF Frequency Detection 1Mhz-6Ghz

• LED Signal Strength Meter

• Audible RF Alert

• Vibrating RF Alert

• Sensitivity Adjustment

• Operates on 2 AAA Batteries

• Deluxe Retail Packaging

• 4 x 2 x 1/2 inches

The Lens Finder 'BUG' Detector:

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