D.11. AV Wireless Signal Booster


AV Wireless Signal Booster

Wireless AV cctv signal booster

Item #CVSH-I124 - ONLY $139.95

Advanced Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit (500 meters): Quickly and easily expand your existing video security capabilities without buying a whole new system!

This awesome kit consists of a wireless signal booster along with a wireless receiver. It’s extremely easy to set up. Simply attach the booster to your security camera, meanwhile put yourself in another room with the wireless receiver hooked up to a TV. Whatever captured in your camera will get transmitted and display in your monitor. With the kit’s 500 meter range, you can now know what happens to your store even when you are at home five blocks away.

At a Glance…

    • Easily expand your existing video security capabilities

    • Receiver can pick up signal 500 meters away

    • Directly power your camera through the signal booster

    • Easy to set up

    • Crisp clear images

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Transmission/Reception Frequency: 1.2 GHz

    • Compatibility: PAL/NTSC

    • Demodulation Mode: FM

    • Channels: 4

    • Linear Transmission Distance: Up To 500 Meters

    • Linear Transmission Power: 1,000mW

    • Power Source: Power Adapter


    • Video IN (Transmitter)

    • Audio IN (Transmitter)

    • DC IN (Transmitter)

    • Video OUT (Receiver)

    • Audio Out (Receiver)

    • DC IN (Receiver)


    • Signal Booster Dimensions: 74x40x10mm (L x W x D)

    • Signal Receiver Dimensions: 114x70x20mm (L x W x D)

Package Contents

    • Transmitter + Receiver

    • AV Cable

    • Camera Cable

    • Receiver Antenna

    • Signal Antenna

    • 12V Power Adapter

    • 9V Power Adapter

    • User Manual

Wireless AV cctv signal booster

Item #CVSH-I124 -ONLY $139.95

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