D6. Wireless Entry Guardian with Monitor in Remote

Peace of mind has a new name - The Entry Guardian wireless video door phone! See who is at your door from anywhere inside your home. Secure and easy to use, it even lets you remotely open electronic doors to let guests in! Know what is going outside while safe and comfortable inside.

The Entry Guardian is our newest home security AV intercom solution that lets you be in two places at the same time. The innovative entry monitoring security system bundles a versatile wireless video monitor receiver with a powerful CMOS security camera wireless transmitter for total home and person protection.

Versatile Video Monitor Wireless Receiver: With the portable receiver you can be anywhere in your home and clearly see who is at your door. You can even take a photo of your visitor should you need it later on:

"Ma'am did you get a good look at who was at your door?"

"Actually officer, my Entry Guardian allowed me to take a picture of him."

The CVMN-J20 receiver also comes with large 3.4 inch color screen which allows you to see your entry way with exceptional clarity, and features a MIC and speaker so you can talk to the person at the door. Doorbell! Hey that's mom and dad at the door. Simply press the Unlock button and let them in even if you're in the basement or backyard.

Powerful CMOS Wireless Transmitter: This amazing AV transmitter features a powerful CMOS camera sensor for picture quality and six infrared lights to provide surveillance even in darkness. What's more, The Entry Guardian easily installs and mounts on the exterior of your home for a truly effective one step security solution. More importantly, the CVMN-J20 is a universal intercom system and is compatible with most electronic door systems.

Perfect for keeping your eye out for unwanted visitors like would-be thieves, annoying sales people, and survey takers, the CVMN-J20 is also great at the office. This way your secretary isn't chained to the front desk. She can run errands and be up and about with the portable receiver and buzz people in whenever, wherever

At a Glance...

    • Remarkable videophone with sound

    • Wireless door entry

    • Easy to install

    • 3.4 inch screen

    • Portable receiver with powerful transmitter

    • Infrared lights for seeing in the dark!

Handheld Receiver Specifications:

    • - Screen Size - 3.4 inch TFT LCD screen

    • - Power Source: Internal Battery (3.7V 1350 mAh)

    • - Receiving Frequency - 2.4GHz

    • - Wireless transmitting range - approx. 50 meters

    • - Dimensions: L:102 x W:134 x H:55 (mm)

Entry Guardian Transmitter Specifications:

    • Camera Sensor - CMOS

    • Light Source - Six (6) Infrared LED lights

    • Power Source - AC Adapter (100-240V) 50/60Hz

    • Transmitting Frequency - 2.4GHz

    • Wireless receiving range - approx. 50 meters

    • Dimensions: L:127 x W:95 x D:36 (mm)

    • Certification: FCC, CE

    • Manufacturers Ref: TLKSMJAYJ6DB

Package Contents for CVMN-J20

    • 2.4 GHz Wireless Transmitter with Camera Sensor

    • 2.4 GHz Portable Wireless Receiver (3.4 Inch)

    • AC Adapter

    • Flexi Wall / USB Charger

    • USB Cable

    • Mounting Screws and Anchors

    • Rechargeable Battery

    • User Manual - English

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